3 Reasons You Should Own a Whisky Stone Set

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Every niche activity or hobby has its own unwritten rules which some stick to religiously while others simply ignore and consider old fashioned or outdated.  Golf for example is a sport where your shirt should be collared and worn tucked in…but a quick drive to the local/public golf course and you are bound to find more than a few people none the wiser to the fashion faux pas they are committing as they putt for the fourth time on the par three 7th.

Whisky collecting and drinking is no different.  In this blog we give you three reasons you should own a whisky stone set…all in the name of ensuring you don’t commit the equivalent whisky faux pas.

Whisky Stones Don’t Dilute Your Whisky

Possibly one of the biggest faux pas of all…diluting the flavour of the delicious single malt your great uncle has just handed you.  Never mind that his spittle has landed in your drink as he chokes at the sheer site of your action…he’s less fussed by that than he is at the fact you’ve just placed a handful of ice in your glass.

Whisky stones allow you to chill your glass, without the ice melting to water.  You get a chilled whisky and your Great Uncle can continue telling you how he once took on a grizzly bear with nothing more than a hunting knife and some bear spray.

Whisky Stones Don’t Alter the Flavour of Your Whisky

Whisky stones are most often made of soapstone, leaving them flavourless and unable to alter the flavour of your precious whisky.  If you plan on showing off your best single malt, you might as well ensure the flavour is unaltered so when he/she tries to tell you what they taste you can smile and nod while thinking they are complete amateurs and should stick to the swill they normally drink.

Whisky Stones Don’t Change the Aroma From Your Whisky

Soapstone is an odourless stone, making it perfect for keeping your whisky chilled.  As we all know, the aroma of your whisky plays an enormous role in the characteristics of the whisky and the experience for the drinker.  Don’t ruin it with ice tainted by the small of the frozen trout you forgot you left in the freezer.

So there you have it…three reasons you should own a whisky stone set.  Maybe you couldn’t care less about dilution, flavour or aroma changes…but then again, maybe you shouldn’t be drinking that 18yr single malt.  Just kidding,  get into it anyway you like it…


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