Why You Should Use Whisky Rocks To Chill Your Whisky

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Ever wondered why those fancy whisky rocks exist? The traditionalist and purists drink their whisky neat. They love to sip their whisky, embracing the heat, but not all of us can handle the strength of that aged single malt whisky (or maybe it’s a blend).

What do we do?

We put ice on it to chill and tame the beast, but at the latter part we end up diluting the whiskys charm. To man, adding ice is a travesty and no self –respecting whisky-lover would do it.

The water was not fit to drink. To make it palatable, we had to add whisky. By diligent effort, I learned to like it.

Winston Churchill

Whiskey-Decanter-for-Spirits-or-Wine-650mL-Decorative-Etched-Glass-Globe-Design-Dark-Finished-Wood-Stand-Handcrafted-Quality-Includes-Bonus-Bar-Funnel-0Losing the character, aroma and taste of the whisky is the most grievous crime imaginable. It is tyranny and a direct assault to the craftsmanship, time and dedication in creating your most beloved whisky.

What should you do with such an enigma?

It is simple. Use Whisky Rocks. We are not talking about some random rock found in your yard…whisky rocks are solid soapstones that will chill your liquor without diluting it. Unlike ice, Whisky Stones are non-porous which means it is tasteless and odourless. It will definitely preserve the amazing taste, aroma and throat warming zing of your beloved whisky.

The term whisky on the rocks originated in early Scotland where Scots would go to the river bed and pull out cold stones to put in their drinks. Whisky rocks bring this old concept to the 21st century with style.

Soapstone holds its temperature for hours and will not melt to avoid watering down your whisky. It is completely safe and approved by the FDA. It will not react on any solvents such as alcohol, water, detergent and mild acids.

Will it scratch my Crystal Glasses?

Definitely not! Whisky rocks are hand-crafted soapstone which has round edges. It is powdery-thready and very soft mineral and not prone to dissolving.

So there you have it…should you wish to please the purist (cough…snob) or impress a newbie, or more importantly you just wish to savour the full flavour profile of your beautifully crafted whisky. It’s simple, you should use whisky rocks to chill your whisky.

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