Top 4 Fireball Whiskey Alternatives

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While to many self proclaimed refined whiskey connoisseurs find the idea of heavily flavoured whiskey may be the antithesis of true whiskey and an affront the Gods of our favourite elixir, the observable trends don’t lie. Spiced cinnamon whiskey is hot right now, pardon the pun. Love it or loath it, the popularity of cinnamon whiskey will unlikely be short lived, so why not indulge, and just admit that, despite the sugar content and high levels of anti freeze, fireball IS a pleasure to drink, albeit a guilty one.

“But fireball isn’t a real whiskey” I hear you screech in protest, pointing out there is nothing “manly” about smashing down shots of something that is only 33% alcohol (66 proof) and contains about as much sugar. Fine, we may generously grant you that, but did you know Fireball isn’t the only flame spitter in town?

While you bounce back from the recoil of your own surprise, take the moment to cast aside your dissuasion of flavoured whiskeys, or your monogamous relationship to Fireball, and have a look at our:

Top 4 Fireball Whiskey Alternatives.


  1. Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire

Combining Jack Daniels classic No.7 Whiskey with an in-house cinnamon infused liqueur, Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire very rapidly became our personal favourite Fireball alternative, boasting the same great red hot cinnamon whisky flavours, while reducing the sugary taste, all the while maintaining smooth qualities.


  1. Jeremiah Weed Cinnamon Whiskey


Possibly the most like fireball in our list, the Jeremiah Weed Cinnamon Whiskey, this oak aged cinnamon flavoured whisky is about as close to eating cinnamon candy soaked in whiskey as you can get.


  1. Jim Beam Kentucky Fire Whiskey


Want your cinnamon spiced flavours but still want the actual whisky to shine through? Look no further than Jim beam’s Kentucky Fire. Taken straight or mixed, this perfectly balanced blend of sweet spice and bourbon is perfect to drink with whisky rocks, adding a perfect kick of ice cold hotness.


  1. Stillhouse Moonshine Red Hot Whiskey

Look at the ‘bottle’. Need we say more?


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