The Must Have Whisky Glasses For a Whisky Lover

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If you are one of those who love to savour the taste of a finely aged whisky, there’s some interesting to know before you indulge in its aroma. Time to explore the collection of the best whisky glasses, which come in various shapes and sizes with unique characteristics that appeal to different personalities and tastes.

Having the perfect collection of whisky glasses is a matter of pride for many. These glasses not just reflect your own personal style and taste; they are also a whisky collector’s item for many.

Check out the list of three best and unique whisky glass varieties that you can consider adding to your collection:

Tulip Shaped Glasses

Popularly known as the copita style glasses or the dock glasses, these glasses were traditionally used in Spain to sample sherry. Due to their unique dimension, these have become quite popular with distilleries all across the world. They are designed to pour alcohol perfectly and bring out the aroma of the drink. Its unique bowl-shape dramatically helps in concentrating the aromas through the narrow rim of the glass. These glasses therefore are perfect for sampling single malt whisky and indulge in its flavours.

The Whisky Tumbler

These are the most common and the most preferred of all the whisky glasses. The whisky tumbler portrays a robust personality. These types of glasses are used significantly for on the rock drinks or for serving classic cocktails. But due to the wide rim, they are not ideal for sampling the flavours of the whisky. With a simple design and a robust base, they are an essential addition to the collection of an already impressive whiskey glasses.

The Snifter

Firmly rooted in the Gentlemen’s Club, a snifter also known as the balloon, the cognac glass. These are must-have for any whisky lover. The snifter is highly related to class and status and is commonly used for the consumption of brandy and finely aged spirits. Due to a broad base with a narrow rim, such glasses are perfect for the release of the harsh ethanol vapours and accentuating the aromatic flavours of the drink.

With a rich history and heritage of being the monarchs drink, whisky is a love of many! There is nothing like a finely crafted blend of spirits poured in a perfect glass. Wait no more and get yourself the best glasses that suit your personality and style.

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